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24 January, 2021

Another star in the sky…Remembering Skyla

A community is in mourning after a little girl was found unresponsive in a backyard pool.

By Mel Frykberg

Skyla Livingston had a smile that lit up her whole face said Mum Bel Perry. PHOTO: Perry/Livingston Family

SKYLA LIVINGSTON, 2, tragically drowned in her family’s pool at their rented home in Emerald on January 7. 

On the Thursday evening Skyla was rushed to hospital where doctors managed to find her pulse, but she was soon declared brain dead after being deprived of too much oxygen. 

The little girl managed to pull a swimming pool gate with a faulty latch open. 

The family said the latch had worked perfectly fine the last time they went into the pool area on Christmas Day. 

But through their grief, with tears welling in their eyes, her parents’ faces briefly lit up as they shared the joy their toddler had brought to them and those around her – in memory of and celebration of her short life. 

“The world has lost a precious stone,” Skyla’s mother Bel Perry said as she and Skyla’s father, David Livingston, shared precious memories of their much-loved little girl. 

“She was only two so she never reached an age where she could have won a Pulitzer Prize or anything like that but she touched the lives of all of those around her with her joyful nature,” Bel said. 

“She managed to bring together two blended families with her loving nature.  

“She had reached the age where she was extremely curious and had to investigate everything, including climbing cupboards. 

“We had to put a lock on the freezer because she was crazy about ice pops and would repeatedly raid it.” 

David recalled how his daughter had just reached a cheeky and sassy stage. 

“She would put her hand over her mouth and express astonishment if something unusual was put to her,” David said. 

“If she was told off for anything she would cross her arms around her shoulders and chest in mock defiance.” 

But it wouldn’t be long before her bubbly personality returned. 

“When I returned from work her smile would light up her whole face as she excitedly welcomed me home,” David said. 

When it came to playing with toys Skyla liked both barbies and trucks. 

She also loved playing in the water sprinkler in the garden and with blow up toys in the pool. 

Despite her cheeky nature she was gentle and was certain that she was as big as her siblings. 

“She didn’t want to sit in the high-chair when we had dinner but wanted to sit in a chair like her brothers and sisters,” Bel Said. 

Skyla’s siblings, baby brother Alex seven months, twins Katelyn and Nicole, 6, half-sister Mikaylah, 6, and half twin sisters Jemma and Trinity, 16, doted on her. 

Her passing has left a big hole in their lives but they will never forget her. 

Police have opened an investigation into Skyla’s drowning.

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