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24 July, 2020

Topaz shines bright

School students have gone head to head in a classic battle of strength, agility and cardio.

By Morgan Burley

Topaz house co-captain Jess, Zircon house captain Bethany, Sapphire house captain Savannah, Garnet house captain Mariella and Topaz co-captain Jordanna. PHOTO: Morgan Burley

FOUR houses battled it out for top sports honours on the field during Emerald State High School’s athletics carnival this week.

Garnet, Zircon and Sapphire were unable to stop Topaz from conquering the field, with 1899 points.

Garnet was second with 1564 points, followed closely by Zircon on 1282 and Sapphire on 851 points.

Health and physical education/Japanese department head Debbie Cognet said students and staff had a successful day.

Year Level            Male                   Female

Year 7                    Leo                    Name withheld 

Year 8                    Ian                     Lacey 

Year 9                   Tommy              Amelia 

Year 10                 Lenard               Cora 

Year 11                 Kaden                Olivia 

Year 12                 Brady                 Bridget and Jessica 

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