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15 July, 2020

Boosting recycling in Banana Shire

THE BANANA Shire Council’s paper and cardboard recycling program is set to receive a much needed boost after receiving a $144,320 grant from the State Government.

One of the 34 applicants successful in receiving funding from the Queensland Government’s Regional Recycling Transport Assistance Package, Banana Shire Council Mayor Nev Farrier expressed his gratitude for the grant.

"This funding will allow Council to store, collect and transport recyclable paper and cardboard from waste facilities across the Shire, bringing it to one central location for bailing and recycling," Cr Ferrier said.

"By doing this we will be able to divert 634 tonnes of waste from going into our landfill, which will improve capacity at our landfill site, extend its lifespan and reduce operating costs."

The Queensland Government announced the $6 million assistance package last year.

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