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Covering the Central Highlands
Central West Queensland


25 April, 2021

WHY I LIVE IN CENTRAL QUEENSLAND - Photographer brimming with local spirit

LOCAL photographer and cattle grazier Trina Patterson has lived in the Central Highlands for nearly 30 years. Mrs Patterson has several accomplishments under her belt, including a background in nursing, work with the council and a host of community engagement activities. Her love for the region shines through in everything she does, including her photography, which showcases some of the most beautiful parts of the Central Highlands. Mrs Patterson said she moved to the Central Highlands back in 1993 after she married her now-husband Tim. “We met at a B&S Ball in Eidsvold while I was completing my nursing training and he was working on a property near Cracow,” she said. “We began our married life on Bottle Tree Downs near Rolleston and are still here 28 years later. “We run a stud herd of Santa Gertrudis cattle and hold an annual bull sale, as well as a commercial herd of beef cattle and grow grain and fodder crops as the season allows.” Mrs Patterson said the Central Highlands had always been a “beautiful part” of Queensland and the people had always been “friendly and welcoming”. “I initially worked at the Springsure Hospital as a Registered Nurse Midwife in the early years of our marriage and then, when we started a family of our own, I spent my time with the kids and assisting Tim on the property,” she said. “I worked for the Central Highlands Regional Council in the Rolleston Transaction Centre part-time while the children were attending primary school and then returned to working alongside Tim here on the property. “I have always been involved in community groups and events in the Rolleston area including playgroup, the school P&C, Rolleston Painting Group, All Saint’s Anglican Church, I have helped organise food and care packages for North West Queensland after the 2019 floods, and recently I have been taking photos for free at community events such as the Springsure Cattle Camp and Springsure Race meetings. “I have also recently restarted the Rolleston Rag, our local monthly community newsletter that is emailed to community members and printed for those not using email.” Mrs Patterson said photography had become her favourite hobby in the last five years. “I carry the camera everywhere, capturing a photographic diary on our property and trying to constantly improve my skills,” she said. “Creativity is wonderful for my mental health and the photography has been a wonderful motivator for always seeing the good in everything and trying to capture everything in a positive way, especially during the drought when I think that everyone was having a hard time staying positive.” Mrs Patterson said her favourite thing about our community “would have to be the people”. “Most people are willing to get in and volunteer their time and effort to help out and make others feel welcome in the process,” she said. “There is still very much a country hospitality feel to the region and a vibrancy that comes with new opportunities and people in the community who innovate and inspire others. “We live in a well-placed part of Queensland with many local opportunities and yet not too far from the coast and larger centres for education and medical needs. “The scenery is just amazing, from the Sandstone Wilderness to the acres of prime agricultural land laden with crops and paddocks of grass and cattle, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the local plants and trees that are associated with the Central Highlands such as the zamias and native bluegrasses. “We are so blessed to have a variety of beautiful national parks in our backyard that make for great day trips or the opportunity to throw in a swag and go camping within a couple of hours of home. “The bird and animal life are in abundance and the whole area makes for an artists or photographers delight with so much to inspire and create being so very visible and accessible in the environment around us. “After 28 years here, I still haven’t taken advantage of all that this part of Queensland has to offer, but hopefully I have still got a few more years to discover and experience plenty more.”

By Ali Goddard

Trina Patterson has loved the Central Highlands region since she moved here almost 30 years ago. PHOTO: Supplied

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