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27 April, 2021

Tourism over Easter break a success

TOURISM in the Gemfields and other parts of the Highlands has continued to see increases over the Easter Holidays despite the mandatory masks and COVID-19 break out scare. It was only intra-state travellers over the Easter break, but Central Highland Development Corporation (CHDC) Tourism Co-ordinator Pamela Gangadoo said the centre still recorded 119 travellers. “Compared to 2019 the influx of travellers has increased quite significantly,” she said. “But it’s hard to really say on the numbers, as they may have been people who have returned from previous visits. “A lot of people often go straight to the Gemfields and skip other attractions such as the minefields, it’s on their second visit when they come to the information centre. “First-time travellers sometimes don’t come to the information centre, and they miss out on a lot of things they could have done or seen.” Ms Gangadoo said often families would come during the school holidays. “And the kids get to see the gems in the Gemfields, and they get really excited,” she said. “That’s when they come back, and once they reach the information centre, they have lots of options in the Carnarvon Gorge and the Blackdown Tableland and mine tours, they realise there's lots to see.” The CHDC Tourism Centre has guides on all the places to visit and the best places to eat. Ms Gangadoo said the numbers may continue to snowball after COVID restrictions ease. “Many travellers walk into the centre and say they didn’t realise the place they live is so beautiful,” she said. “A lot of people who come from overseas only think of Australia for its beaches, but we have so much more than that. “But we think now people have seen this place, they might tell their friends.” She said people were becoming aware now that there is more to Australia, and they are putting a greater emphasis on interstate and intrastate travel. Ms Gangadoo said the influx of tourists was vital to starting up the Highlands economy. “It will help a lot, many places to eat have closed down due to what happened last year,” she said. “During the low months you don’t get enough people around, but because people can’t travel overseas, they have been going in their own state and having a look at their home.”

By Michael R Williams

Carnarvon Gorge, Boolinda Bluff. PHOTO: WikiCommons

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